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Di Oliver-Zahl - Executive Producer

Since 1990 Di worked consistently in the film and television industry, as a producer, creative director, writer and researcher. Di's work received international acclaim at the prestigious Cannes Festival International du Film; the Festival Internationale Cinema Giovani Italy Le Prix de la Jeunesse at Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and two awards in the recent Odense International Film Festival in Denmark.

She produced and developed drama and documentaries for television, feature and theatrical shorts for cinema. More recently her focus had expanded to include the development of new media and next generation technologies. Di held a Master of Communications from Victoria University, her thesis explored the collaborative work of art and science including nanotechnology, biological evolution, natural disasters and mycology and utilised five different communication mediums, theatre, installation art, painting, sculpture and cinema.

She was a founding trustee in AbeeC, an environmental education trust and the New Zealand representative in the London based NGO, Women Broadcasting for Change for the Television Trust for the Environment (TVE), producers of Earth Report.

Di was a teaching fellow at Victoria University’s School of Management and a tutor in Media Studies. She was about to embark on her PHD while Executive Producing for Project Q prior to her fatal accident in February 2005.

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